Nature Coban Pelangi is located in the district ofMalang, East Java,precisely in the DistrictPoncokusumoMalang is a major tourist destination inEast Java ProvinceAndfeasible if the dubbed TheTruly East JavaAnd the District of Poncokusumooffers amazing natural attractions and is located atthe foot of Mount Semeru.

Semeru mountain landscape presenting the charm of nature's moststunning in JavaThe river that flows between the mountains gemunung,ultimately creating a very beautiful waterfallCoban (waterfallPelangi.The falls are on track to Mount Bromo and Semeru, exactly Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS).

Sights Coban Pelangi is a nature conservation zone under the protectionPerhutaniofficeIt's amazing waterfallsis ± 10 km from DistrictOverlapping and ± 32 km from the city of MalangCoban Pelangi is located in mountainous areas with steep slopes bertopografi over 45%and at an altitude of 1200 to 1400 masl.

Coban Pelangi waterfall flows from the cliff that has a height of 110 metersEnchantment of the waterfall can be enjoyed with a mat on the prepared field zone managerProtection of the cottages are also beingfacing the waterfall.

If the weather is goodlucky visitors can see the 'Rainbow' which refract atthe top - the top of the cliffTypicallythe Rainbow appeared at 10 am to 2 pmNatural phenomena that arise due to grain falls on the windsimilarbuliran - buliran fogIf still not satisfied to watch from the field zonedip inthe creek could be an attractive optionBut, of coursevisitors shouldprepare a change of clothesWaterfall spills over the rocks rise like watersplashing rain.

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